Father and son. Milo and Rob holding hands while walking on a white backdrop. Visalia studio photography.
Black and white photo of the architecture of a triangle church in Tulare.
Minimalist black and white photo of a bird sitting on a power line in Tulare.
Layered, graded mountain view from Sequoia National Park
Kim silhouetted maternity portrait with son. She holds him up and they look at each other. Visalia Studio Photography
Black and white photo of a hawk flying in Montana de Oro. The sky backdrop it is half clouded.
Black and white edit of Jenny using rectangle overlays for a graphic look.
Black and white image of a first quarter moon over Tulare
Silhouette of a hummingbird sitting on a bare oak tree branch in Tulare.
The Phoenix. Black and white image of Jenny flipping her hair back with face up at light. Visalia Studio Photography
Stormy silver and grey clouds over Tulare.
Two birds on separate rows of power lines separated by a diagonal streak in the sky from an airplane. Tulare
Black and white shadow of Kate standing at her sides cast onto a tile walkway.
Black and white photo of bare branches laying on their side at Bobcat Point in Sequoia National Park.
Silhouette of a bird flying away framed between to power lines in Tulare.