Portrait of Jessica in her Witchy Woman set with her arms outstretched diagonally across the frame.
Rocio in red lipstick and leather jacket on black backdrop looking up through her bent arm
Yecenia Bury Me with Roses profile shot with head tilted back on Foliage set
Portrait of Catrina in Beautiful Ruins set posed as if she were gracefully gliding toward the camera.
Portrait of Jenny with messy hair and checkered shirt. Black and white edit with chromatic aberration.
Betzy Barbie Girl laughing looking up at light with sunglasses on her head in pink outfit on monochrome pink set
Phoenix Rising. Portrait of Jenny doing a hair flip in overhead lighting. Edited red to make her look like flames.
Portrait of Jessica in Witchy Woman set wearing a Candle Crown and giving side eye.
Cut and Paste oval framed collage edit of Catrina.
Yecenia peaking through large green leaves on mocha backdrop in Visalia photography studio